Monday, 23 May 2016

The good egg in the weekend


In the week end I was a  meaningful kiwi buy selling raffle tickets for an mp3 play to raise money for the hangi.I was a meaningful kiwi because I brought a lot of tickets.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

3D Art

Screenshot 2016-05-18 at 2.18.25 PM.pngWALT: make 3d art.

It took us 3 weeks to make the 3d art. I really enjoyed making the 3d art and I really think that I didn’t waste my time on it. It is a plant holder.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Play with words

Walht:Understand/find 2meanings to puns.
Screenshot 2016-05-18 at 10.56.54 AM.png

When it is assembly Mr Hendricks always says ,“eyes by me”. The really meaning for that was look at me. When we play netball at lunch time Mrs Ramkolowen always tells us to keep our eye on the ball but she mant keep looking at the ball.It was really fun drawing eys on the netball and on Mr’s picture.

Friday, 13 May 2016


WALHT: Write an interesting and enjoyable narrative

On a terrible stormy  day the the sun was behind the dark cloud,the sky was dark grey and the streets were empty and really windy .Izac was a famous scientist who worked with chemicals in his lab. He loved to mix the chemicals.Izac had a son named Ihaka and they loved to walk in the park.Ihaka was a really good kid but that day he was really angry because of the weather.Izac said that it was not a great day to go for a walk anymore.

When Izac said ,”no we can not go to the park it's not good weather” Ihaka decided to make a park of his own.He gathered all the thing he could find that would be useful.Soon his  park was ready.He told his dad to come and look at his park , Izac was impressed.Ihaka asked his dad  if they could for a walk one more time but Izac said, “NO”. Ihaka got even more angry that he waited until his dad left the Lab. Once his dad ran inside to get a glass of water Ihaka ran to get the chemical but Izac got back just in time to stop him from pouring the chemical on himself.

Izac got upset with him so he hammered the table and then the chemical splashed onto Ihaka.Then Ihaka started getting bigger and bigger.Izac told Ihaka to run out of the lab.Once Ihaka got out of the lab Izac started straight away to make another chemical to try and change Ihaka back to normal.While Izac was making the chemical Ihaka was walking around the town asking people if they have a drink but the drinks that they had were to small.When Ihaka was walking around Izac was busy trying to make the chemical but it took at least a couple of days to make the chemical.

Once it was finished Izac tried to ring Ihaka but he didn’t answer.Izac went looking for Ihaka but it took him at least a couple of hours to find him.Ihaka he said ,” I made the chemical that can change you back but you need to splash it on yourself before midnight”.Ihaka spilt it on himself straight away.When they were waiting for the chemical to wear off.They went to get some food to eat and while they were eating he was getting smaller and smaller until he was just the right size.

In conclusion I think that Ihaka and Izac had a fun time even though Ihaka was a giant for a couple of days.After Ihaka was back to normal they Had the best time even Izac but I think that Ihaka was splendid to be back to normal.

Basic Facts

Today I had to do my basic facts test and I got a 97%on my stage 7 test so I had to go to the next stage But I got a 65%.While I was Doing my basic facts I was a bit scared to find out how much persent I got But when I saw what I got I was surprised because I thought that I was going to get lower that 50%.

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Order of Operations

WALHT: Use the order of of of operations - BEDMAS to solve problems.
When Lakai and I started it was a bit hard but then we started playing it more and then it started getting easier for us. The difficult part of it was when we were trying to work it out in our head and then getting the answer. One of the problems was hard to understand but then we practised until we got it right. We didn't understand the multiplication and the division but we got through it. We still need to practice our BEDMAS techniques but I think we can get the hang of it.