Monday, 11 December 2017

Amazing talk with Mr Patterson and Raenon

Today is 11th of December. We had another inspiring talk with Andrew Patterson. This time he had a special guest with him and that was Raenon. The talk today was about learning what it was like to be going to collage. Raenon was talking about how different collage is to primary. My favorite part about the talk today was when Raenon was telling us about how collage was different to primary. He also said the the homework there is harder to what we do in primary. What Raenon had said tosay has inspired me to do the same. There was anothother aprt in the talk today the was also a good idea for the year eights next year and that was to set a goal. My goal would be simalar to what Raenons goal
was. I really enjoyed the talk today.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Our Emotions

For the past few weeks on Fridays we have been working on emotions. We had to create a presentation with emotions with music. The presentation that you see has six emotions. It has happy, sad, angry, disgust, scared and calm.It was really fun working on this and I cant wait to do more.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Friends are fun

This was from a while back
When we had maniakalani at school
We support each other on a running track
Although I act like a fool
Venetia always keeps it cool
We make each other laugh
The nicest people in school would be the staff
We all like sports
Were pretty good on the netball courts

End Of The Year

The year has gone so fast
This year has been a blast
I sometimes forget the past

In feeling really sad
I think my friends are mad
To be honest i'm kinda glad

There is not long to go
My energy is feeling low
I'm just going with the flow

I love all of my friends
None of them own pens
I would rate them tens

I'm gonna miss the with all my heart

Free Writing

I thought that I would do something funny and make some poems. These are two people that are important to me. There are many more but these two were the first one who poped up in mind.I found it really easy to write about them. I have made the ends rhyme and that's what I like about writing poems.

Lady Esme - stolen fire gem

This week Mr Wiseman gave a link to the story that we had to read and also our presentation. I was finding it a bit difficult but as soon as I asked Danielle for help I started getting the hang of things.I really enjoyed working with Danielle. This was a good challenge for me and I cant wait to do more.

Friday, 17 November 2017

WOW Pt England School


Pt England has been showing there own movies every year in front of the whole school. Knowing that every one tried to make there movie entertaining makes them interesting to watch. It was fun watching some of the movies at Silvia Park hoping that later on I could watch the rest of the schools movies. It seems that my wish came true. Pt England school has been showing there movies every year to the rest of the school for the past five years.These are two movies that my class has showed at the maniakalani film festival.