Wednesday, 14 December 2016

New Zealand pupils below average in maths results - TIMSS

Maths should be apart of the school curriculum because it helps the brain work harder.I Think that being below in maths isn’t great but It is disappointing to hear on the news that new zealand children being below the standard.If They tried a bit harder then maybe the would get a better score.

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  1. Kia ora Trinity,

    I'm Mark, a teacher from the summer learning journey you signed up for. I know you haven't started yet and that's cool, but I couldn't help but read this blog of yours! It is similar to Zain's. You might not know but I am a teacher in Mangere, and it makes me really happy to hear so many students worried that we're not doing as well as some other countries in maths.

    I love maths and think it is really important for developing our learning and problem solving skills. Plus I love challenges and it alway challenges me. Some people might say we don't use maths a lot in real life, but we really do. Especially if we're in important jobs like engineering or science, and especially in finance, building, or other trades. My Step-Dad always says "measure twice and cut once" because his maths isn't very strong, and that's a good way to be for a builder.

    Anyway I just wanted to say that. It would be really cool to see you apply this depth of thought to our summer learning journey over the holidays.

    Tino Pai,