Friday, 12 February 2016


This is my first art lesson  in room 8 as a year 7 student. For this art I had to put some clingwrap on top of the paint and paper.Then I had to use my fingers to make an effect.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Class rules

I think that every class should have class rules because some children can be bad during school time so they need rules in class so they behave.Room 7 and 8 went to the hall and they got into groups to they could write some rules down.After that they wrote it down in a papper but hen they had to take some of the rulls out to make it to 8.

I thought that the 8th and the 5th ones were a bit difficult.If they do something wrong then the consequences are first you get 2 warning then you get sent to another room next you get detention at morning tea for 1 week.After all that they call you mum and dad so you get sent home.Some of the rules can be a bit hard but some can be mostly easy.