Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Pizza Pin Wheels

We have arrived at tech and ready to cook. My partner is Alisha and we are cooking pizza rolls. I have enjoyed making this creation and I am glade that I learn how to make it. In the image above we have made pizza pin wheels. In this lesson I have learned a lot but in the end I had a great time.

Speech writing Ideas

I have been working on a little introduction about lying is always wrong. It was a bit hard to think of what to write but I had an idea of what I was writing about. Once I had finished I had to proof read it and once I was done with that I was so happy with it.

Friday, 9 June 2017

I Phones Garden work

My group is called the I phones. We are working on a school garden. For the last few weeks my group has been working on the design and what type of flowers would last thought out all four seasons. Today we have made our minds up. We will be making our school logo our design for the garden. We have decided to go with red, white, and black flower for the design. We will be working on how it is going to turn out.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Longer Intervals


WALT: Identify features of persuasive writing

I think that we should have longer Intervals because most teachers would find us talking in class. Sometimes it's because our breaks are too short.For example our morning tea should start at 10.20 and finishes at 11.10.

I think that most of the students would agree with me because not a lot of us like to go back to class when the bell rings. If we made our morning break longer than we might not talk as much. We would probably ask less to go for a drink or go to the toilet.

I Strongly believe that most children ask of some sort of reason to go outside. It is hard to believe but most people ask to go for a drink so they can muck around. Most people wait for their friends to go for a drink so they think they would ask.

Another reason is that some people might even try to get away from class by asking to go to the toilet. When people do ask to go they might take longer than usual but that is because there are other talking with there friends of they playing around.

In conclusion I think that we should have longer intervals because of what I have stated in my three reasons. In my opinion I would like to think that we should have longer intervals because when the bell rings I line up for class but I still like to talk.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Maths with Whaea Kelly

  1. Find the “Mean” to these numbers.
4, 7, 28, 32

  1. Find the “Range” Between these numbers.
27, 32, 24, 33, 29, 26, 30
  1. Find the “Median” for this set of numbers.
12, 24, 13, 10, 11, 9, 7, 5

Thursday the 1st of June Whaea Kelly wrote some maths question on the board. The first on to finish could go and get there lunch.It was fun but also frustrating to remember what the median, range. and mode was.

My Amazing Results


WALT: Using my data to help me achieve higher grades in maths

On Wednesday the 31st of May I took a maths test. The test was a bit easy at first but when it came up to part three it was starting to get a bit harder. As soon as it reached part five it was going faster but I managed to get most of the questions right. After I finished my teacher told me I could do it again because some of the questions might of been going too fast.

When round two was over I felt relief inside of me but also a heap of joy. I was feeling proud of my answer knowing that I have done good.After a couple of days it was time to check the answer. I was checking the answers and once I was done I felt happy because I got most of them right. This test was different to the other I Kan tests I did because I got to do it twice.It helped me because if a question was going to fast I could of done it again.

I worked out what I needed to work on and that was my place value. I will work harder to to get even more of my answers right next time.