Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sports Camp

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Cross County was first and then It was archery, shooting and canoeing. It was so fun that we thought that we would squertr water on was so fun the camra man wated us to do it again but there was no more runners.The next couple of days were pretty intense but we got through it.It came to the last day and we had play in a couple of finals.It was exsiting to know we won 5 trohpys even when we were expecting to to get atleast 7 or 8.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Read like a Writer

Kanoa lloyd

Yesterday afternoon Kanoa lloyd came to our class to give out the duffy books.It was really exciting to have her in our class.After she gave out the the duffy assembly she took a photo with us.After we took the photo she asked us if we had any question but the only people that did have questions we're Heather and Mrs Ramkolowan.Mrs Ramkolowan asked her if she had made any mistakes and she said yes.

Friday, 2 September 2016

How Sports has made me a better Person

WALT: write an explanation

Sport has made me a better/worse person

Respect, Excellence and Friendship has made me a better person for so many reasons that I can't even explain. I have been playing netball for two terms now so I think that it has helped me feel better. I have also learned some new skills.


I play netball every day after school on a Tuesday. It's hard and sometime I don't respect the umpire and my teammates  but it's because I am angry most of the time.While we play the games it makes me feel happy when we win. The I think I make the other team feel bad.This is making me feel like I need to stop making the other team feel worse and start making them feel better by saying something nice. But the thing that I mostly need to do is respect the umpire and my teammates.
Sometimes when we lose it makes me feel even more angry but then thinking about winning the next game makes me feel a lot better but it doesn't always work.


Excellence has made me a better person in sports because on the way I play netball.Even if I play netball I sometime give up but then later one during the night I start to feel like I can do this and I won’t give up.By then it is to late because the game is alreadsy finished. Now I really need to focus on my school work now that netball is finished. Since netball finished I have not been focusing on my school work but now I think I should be.


Friendship has made me a better person by helping my friends and working as a team to win and  complete our netball games. Now that we have works together as a team we are now on the top of the leader board.and Once my teacher told us that this was our last game I felt like we had to win this game otherwise we would lose our spot on the leaderboard and then Kohi Marama would go to the top.

In conclusion I feel like I could of made me be a even more better person because I still feel that same but I now that I can do better.The only thing that I need to work on it just to keep working.The skill that I am still trying to learns is working as a proper team.