Friday, 2 June 2017

My Amazing Results


WALT: Using my data to help me achieve higher grades in maths

On Wednesday the 31st of May I took a maths test. The test was a bit easy at first but when it came up to part three it was starting to get a bit harder. As soon as it reached part five it was going faster but I managed to get most of the questions right. After I finished my teacher told me I could do it again because some of the questions might of been going too fast.

When round two was over I felt relief inside of me but also a heap of joy. I was feeling proud of my answer knowing that I have done good.After a couple of days it was time to check the answer. I was checking the answers and once I was done I felt happy because I got most of them right. This test was different to the other I Kan tests I did because I got to do it twice.It helped me because if a question was going to fast I could of done it again.

I worked out what I needed to work on and that was my place value. I will work harder to to get even more of my answers right next time.

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