Monday, 11 December 2017

Amazing talk with Mr Patterson and Raenon

Today is 11th of December. We had another inspiring talk with Andrew Patterson. This time he had a special guest with him and that was Raenon. The talk today was about learning what it was like to be going to collage. Raenon was talking about how different collage is to primary. My favorite part about the talk today was when Raenon was telling us about how collage was different to primary. He also said the the homework there is harder to what we do in primary. What Raenon had said tosay has inspired me to do the same. There was anothother aprt in the talk today the was also a good idea for the year eights next year and that was to set a goal. My goal would be simalar to what Raenons goal
was. I really enjoyed the talk today.

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