Thursday, 23 June 2016

Maui Summary

Walt: write a summary

Dad takes the kids out on a fishing trip. While they were on the trip Tiki caught a snapper. They saw some dolphins so dad rang the department of conservation to tell them about it because they were endangered. There is only 100 dolphins left. They caught four snapper, two gurnard and 2 kahawai, then stopped to have something to eat. They were missing mum and wishing that she was with them. On their way back home Te paea directed them from the way they came. Dad wondered if the dolphin made it. Lastly mum was really elated since she loved smoked kahawai.

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  1. Malo lelei Trinity
    I really enjoyed reading this summary. This story reminds me of when I went fishing with my mum and dad and my brothers. Did you know that the dolphin had a scar on its face. Where was mum when dad, Te paea and Tiki went fishing?