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Trinity 4/11/2015
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On Tuesday at lunch time room 7 and room 10 went to Te Tuhi Art Gallery.  

Once we got there we had to sit down and listen to the art teacher and her name was Charlotte. She explained the rules and she took us to the studio where we were going to do our art.

First we had to put on an apron and then sat at a table.  Charlotte took through the steps to do the artwork and showed us what it would look like when it is finished.

When we got our papers we had to crush it up, then carefully open it so that it won’t rip. Then we have to use side of a pastel to shade the squares.  

Then we put some brown dye to cover the whole piece of paper.  We then left to dry before we drew our patterns which was something about ourselves.

When we completed our patterns we had to use dark brown dye to highlight our patterns in two of the four squares.

Finally we finished the artwork so we had to wash our hands and then Charlotte took us for a tour around the gallery and we played a game called who can find the art work.

In conclusion I thought the trip to the Art Gallery was really fun and interesting for everyone. I hope we could go there another time.

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